Indie spotlight on: The Chieftains

MEACCC is a great supporter of indie creator owned projects and our Indie Spotlight falls on Daniel Bernard’s forthcoming Kickstarter funded project called The Chieftains. We caught up with Daniel to get the lowdown. MEACCC: A warm welcome Daniel, thanks for being with us. To start things off, can you tell us a little bit […]

Meet the new Ms. Marvel

When Carol Danvers finally managed to snag her own title, she went through an immense transformation.  No longer was she wearing her strange swimsuit costume, she was embracing the whole idea of being a soldier, and she shed her “Ms. Marvel” moniker and stepped into the bigger shoes of being a “Captain Marvel.” Her recent […]

DC vs Marvel: Who is Dominating our Primetime?

It is a good time to love comics and have a TV.  Right now we have two live-action shows to satiate our love for both of the major comic universes (sorry Dark Horse and Image, I wish Chew got off the ground!). In one corner we have the product of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agents […]

Bogdanove looking for Strong finish on Kickstarter

With a summer of blockbuster mega events from the big two publishers, it’s time to turn the spotlight on some indie projects that may slip under the radar if we’re not careful. So MEACCC decided to catch up with good friend and legendary “Superman” artist, Jon Bogdanove to discuss his new Kickstarter project, “Strongman”. MEACCC: […]

Bogdanove kickstarts “Strongman”

Comic book artist Jon Bogdanove, co-creator of The Death and Return of Superman — the best selling Superman story of all time — is launching his latest endeavor on Kickstarter. Strongman is an all-new adventure series that tells two-fisted tales of an original pulp hero, whose exploits stretch from the Gilded Age of Teddy Roosevelt […]

Should we “Beware the Batman”?

It feels like it has been a while since Batman has descended into the silver screen, thankfully though, Cartoon Network has brought the Dark Knight back to our television screens with Beware the Batman, which aired this past week. So, was it any good? If we compare Beware the Batman to previous Bat-related shows such […]

Want to Take Your Interest in Comic Books to Another Level? Read On…

For those of you who don’t know (or haven’t realized) comics are a major part of my life.  My Master’s thesis was partially based on Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan and I currently am in the process of writing a few academic papers on several other comics series.  So, it can be fairly said, I look for […]

Post-mortem Parker and The Man of Steel

Jon Bogdanove is an American comic book artist and writer who has garnered acclaim for his dynamic and humorous art over his illustrious, decades-spanning career.. He is best known for his work on DC Comics’ Superman: The Man of Steel, and for creating the character Steel with writer Louise Simonson, as well as for Marvel […]